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Better Solutions For Your Business

Jets Yard Technology is a leading software development company specializing in custom software applications. We understand every business is unique. We utilize the cutting edge technology to tailor a plan specifically for your company’s needs. Our creative and highly experienced teams of software development consultants are able to provide solution to any software development challenges your business is faced with. With our custom software development, you’ll experience reduced system downtime, enhanced performance, and great customer service along every step of the way.
Conficius says 'Right tool for the right job'. Jets Yard Technology use state-of-the-art technologies to translate your IT vision into reality and create powerful solutions that are focused on improving your operations, increasing revenue opportunities and the creation of new competitive advantages for your business.

We can help your company
  • Improve operations and effiency
  • Cut operating cost
  • Boost quality of service
  • Secure data and network
  • Enhance competitive advantages
  • Our Advantages

    There's more than one way to solve a problem. We will provide you with the information you need to choose the best solution for your problem, taking into account your budget, timeframe and current technology.
    We review product specifications, carefully checks the product quality at each development stage, and make the final decision as to whether the product is ready to be delivered to the customer.
    Project Management
    With our rich experience in various industry domains, we are able to optimize product architecture in regards to cost, scheduling, and quality.
    Reduced Costs
    We offered competitive rates without compromising the quality

    Our Expertise

    Complext IT Solutions Techologies Types of Applications
    • International Trade Solutions
    • Content management systems
    • E-Commerce
    • Data Processing Solutions
    • Office workflow applications
    • Enterprise software solutions
    • Restaurants software solutions
    • Hotels software solutions
    • Medical software applications
    • .Net (C#), ASP.NET, AJAX,Silverlight,SharePoint
    • DBMS development (SQL Server, MySQL,Oracle)
    • Java/J2EE,PHP
    • Content Management System(Ektron,Umbraco...)
    • Web Services,XML
    • Client/Server Application
    • Web Application
    • Web Services
    • Mobile Application
    • Database Application
    • Content Management Application

    Industries We have worked